About Medical Yoga

Medical yoga is a soft, dynamic yoga form based on a system of physical, mental and spiritual exercise where different positions are used and different breathing techniques are used.

Medical yoga is a therapeutic yoga form. The instructors have basic basic medical skills and understand the yoga’s effects from a medical perspective. Yoga training affects the entire body at many different levels at the same time; breathing and lungs, the muscular, digestive, gland, lymph and nervous system and brain. The yoga suit is designed so that everyone can exercise them on the basis of their own circumstances. The medical yoga is used therapeutically to help and rehabilitate people to get rid of various inconveniences. Yogan contains soft calm movements. It is also good to make movements sitting on a chair. In yoga you work a lot with breathing. Long deep breaths in and out through the nose contribute to the tranquility of the hormone (oxytocin) spread into the body, in addition, the body’s stress hormone (cortisol) decreases.

Medical yoga is spreading to more and more units within the Swedish healthcare sector.